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Fruits of Labor 

(Para seu prazer)

artist's statement:

Fruits of Labor (para seu prazer) is a project which began upon my return to Brazil after 14 years away. 


It is a project which looks at space: What is domestic and commercial? What spaces do we live in? What spaces do we merely transit? Which spaces do we brand as important? Which spaces brand us?


Starting in 2018 while I was an artist in residence at SOMA galeria, where I shared the residency space with Uruguayan artist Silvina Rodriguez and we found a common fascination with painting and cataloging supermarket brands. For me it was a continuation of my ceramic research stemming from my tiles in the Grass is Greener series from the previous year. For Silvina it was a part of her Souvenir project where she creates unlikely tourist trinkets for the places she visits. Our shared project, dubbed Janta®, picked from the common interest of visual absorption and symbology as ways of identifying a place and who we are when in it, we immersed ourselves in a 12 hour dinner production. Painted plates served as support on which each guest could arrange, based on personal preference, colorful abstraction intercut with slices of branding. Logos dotted the table, a visual collage which blended the public and domestic, the perishable and the permanent. Remnants of this dinner were shown at SOMA Galeria in March of 2018 and later reconfigured and installed at Casa Viva in São Paulo. 


In 2021 I was invited to expand upon the Janta® project by SOMA galerist Malu Meyer. The exhibition, which would become Fruits of Labor, was offered as a way to inaugurate the new gallery space which now occupies a modernist house from 1962. Talking with the gallery and curator Renan Archer, I decided to occupy a room adjacent to the kitchen with over one hundred pieces which when seen together answer no questions and ask more. It is as it is.


It is a tableau of domesticity and daily life, except the volume is turned up too loud. A family history told in the form of a grocery list. It is buying flowers because you know you will have guests over for dinner. 


The brands which were originally confined under glaze to plates now lay atop fruit. Artificial grass, cut and painted so as to look burned, serve as tablecloths and plinths. Body containers hold bunches of ceramic flowers. The plates hang on the walls just as they do in our grandmothers' homes. All is routine. All is familiar. All is home. All is autobiographical for those who share slices of the same biography and all is self portrait for those who share the same favorite flavor of Cheetos. 

       LBF, 2022



 Larissa Barddal Fantini

born in 1995 in Curitiba, Brazil



2013-2017- Bachelor of Fine Arts, Paris College of Art; Paris, France

2022- Bachelor diploma equivalence; Universidade Federal do Paraná

2019-2020- Projeto Permanente de Desenvolvimento e Experimentação em Artes Visuais SESC Paço da Liberdade (certificate scholarship program), Curitiba, Brazil

2018- Núcleo de Artes Visuais SESI/PR (certificate scholarship program); Curitiba, Brazil

2012- Rising Star summer program, Savannah College of art and Design; Savannah, USA

2009-2013- Oil painting specialization at Atelier Veronica Cestau, Montevideo, UY


Solo and two person shows


-DON’T YOU WANT ME BABYYY (Você não me quer beeebêêê?); curated by Marina Ramos, SOMA Galeria; Curitiba, Brazil


-Fruits of Labor: Para o seu Prazer; curated by Renan Archer, SOMA Galeria; Curitiba, Brazil



-Super Bonder (sobre cadeira de fórmica); curated by Marina Ramos, Círculo Galeria; Curitiba, Brazil



-Janta® II; SOMA Galeria; Curitiba, Brazil

-Janta® with Silvina Rodrigues; SOMA Galeria; Curitiba, Brazil


-Selvática with Silvina Rodrigues; curated by Miguel.Miguel.Miguel, Casa Viva; São Paulo, Brazil



-Pillow; Konsthall C (Centrifug) with Elina Bergmark, Stockholm, Sweden


Group shows (Selected)


-Conheça 2022 – Novos nomes das artes visuais em Curitiba; MuMA (Museu Metropolitano de Arte de Curitiba), curated by 

 Renan Archer and Thaylini Luz with artists Ana Beatriz Artigas, Dariane Martiol, Diogo Duda, Douglas Figueira Scirea, Eleonora Gomes, Érica Storer, Everton Leite, Gustavo Magalhães, Larissa Barddal Fantini, Miguel_Miguel.Miguel, Ué Prazeres, Val Gryzb, Vini Maia

-Serralhas; curated by Marina Ramos with artists Claudia Lara, Janete Anderman, Magu Bistafa, SOMA Galeria; Curitiba, Brasil


-Meia Luz; apartment occupation and exhibition for 75m2

-Penumbra; virtual exhibition for 75m2

-Silence; curated by Olivia Abando, virtual exhibition for Grapevine Residency



-Três pedras n’água para um círculo perfeito, SESC Paço da Liberdade, Curitiba, Brazil

-Community; curated by Olivia Abando, virtual exhibition for Grapevine Residency



-Kaktai II; curated by Renata Mocellin, Galpão, Curitiba, Brasil



-Leilao Somatico; curated by Malu Mayer, Coletiza, Curitiba, Brazil

-Kaktai I; curated by Renata Mocellin, Galpão, Curitiba, Brazil

-these here spilt voices; curated by Slanted House, Circle 1 Gallery, Berlin, Germany



-were speaking alone together; Galerie du Crous; Paris, France



-Relational (Im)probability; Espace F15; Paris, France



-Animals, hosted by Paris College of Art, Gallery 102; Paris, France



-Screening of “desmascarada”, SCAD theater; Savannah, USA

-Rising Star, SCAD gallery; Savannah, USA



2022- Lecture and workshop at SESC Paço da Liberdade

2022- Guest lecturer for Art C Curitiba

2020- Virtual Workshop for the Escolas Municipais de Curitiba

2019- Lecture and workshop at Boiler Galeria

2018- Lecture and workshop at SOMA Galeria



2021- present- Poetry Trapper Keeper

2021- Coping, Sand Journal Issue 23 (cover image and inside spread)

2019- Slanted House Issue #3

2018- Queer Surface(s) (Slanted House Issue #2)

2018- PRAGAESCUTA; Publication resulting from the Núcleo de Artes Visuais do SESI PR

2018- Slanted House Issue #1


Residencies, awards and grants

2020-2021 Grapevine Residency, London, UK

2021 Um a Um; digital short film festival curated by Dani Agapito, Curitiba, Brazil

2019-2021 Projeto Permanente de Desenvolvimento e Experimentação em Artes Visuais SESC Paço da Liberdade, granted by the special jury of the Paraná, hosted in Curitiba, Brazil

2018 Núcleo de Artes Visuais SESI/PR; selection by Ana Rocha & Beatriz Lemos, Curitiba, Brazil

2018-2019 Artist in Residence; SOMA Galeria

2013-2017 Selected four times by jury for the PCA end of year exhibition; Paris, France

2013- Rising Star finalist, Savannah College of art and Design; Savannah, USA


Collectives and projects

2021 present- Poetry Trapper Keeper – weekly poetry publication Co-created with poet Kelly Mullins

2020 present- 75m2 – artstic develepment platform and project Co-Created with curator Marina Ramos 

2017-2019 The Slanted House Collective – queer artists’ and writers’ project based in Berlin, Germany and Paris, France 

born in Curitiba, Brazil in 1995 but only returned to live and work in the city in 2018. In the meantime she has lived in Telêmaco Borba, PR (Brazil) , Coqueiral, ES (Brazil), Porto Seguro, BA (Brazil), Indonesia, China, Uruguay, and France. She graduated in May 2017, from Paris College of Art with a bachelors of fine arts. Larissa is an artist, writer and teacher. She has exhibited her work in Brazil, France, Germany, and Sweden. Her work encompasses politics, popular culture, themes of the domestic, and intimacy, amongst others. She is the co-creator of 75m2, an independent art platform. 

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